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Amik's own VPN

aside just for the people with the keys. It provides a secure way to send data for things like private streaming events. 

United Rural Connect Project

One of our big projects involved creating a conferencing network for the United Church of Canada, for churches across the country to connect together online. This involved building a Virtual Private Network for them to they can securely conference live with anyone in the project without putting their Church's websites and information at risk.

Virtual Ticket Private Events

This system uses a VPN to keep the service secure and to allow us to limit ticket use.  This is a big part of how we can offer the private streaming service in conjunction with our custom streamer and ticket system! 

Add customer to receive the first email. 

Using your account dashboard, you enter anyone who purchases an e-ticket as a customer.
The customer will receive an email confirming the event, instructions about enjoying it when it arrives, and a test link that includes the countdown to the event start. 

VPN E-tickets

Contact Us for a demonstration 

Thanks for reaching out!

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