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Elevating Your Video Conferencing Experience with Intelligent Technology

360-Degree Camera:
Meeting Owl 3 comes with a 360-degree camera, offering the capability to provide a complete view of the room. This feature allows users to participate in the meeting from any angle.

Wide Microphone Array:
Equipped with high-quality, wide microphones that effectively capture sounds from all around the room. This feature enables individuals to respond clearly and seamlessly to discussions.

Quality of Image and Sound:
This product utilizes advanced technology to provide clear images and sound quality, maximizing the online meeting experience.

Artificial Intelligence:
Artificial Intelligence is used to automatically detect and display people in the room. This feature automatically pays attention to different individuals in the session and showcases various scenes.

Meeting Owl 3 is a modern and intelligent device designed for video conferencing sessions by Owl Labs. With new upgrades and advanced technology, this product provides a more immersive experience for online meetings. Below are some of the features and capabilities of Meeting Owl 3

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