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Integrating Technology to meet your needs

At Amik Technology Inc. we work with clients, designing, supplying, and installing technology that responds to your changing needs.
Everyone had to change their business practices and those that innovated quickly tended to benefit the most. This is not new but it became more obvious as a result of the pandemic's need for rapid change. (Restaurants without online and delivery were unable to compete.)
As Systems Integrators we welcome the challenges and opportunities brought by the needs for change. We thrive on opportunities to work with clients, develop and apply new technology.
We would be pleased to assist your organization; applying our skills to your development needs.

Products Trusted by Clients Across Canada

Sound panels installed at the Rocky Bay First Nation Community Centre transform this room from one that was so noisy people could not hold a conversation back into a Community meeting space.

If you have never experienced this transition you would be amazed by the difference adding sound absorption panels from Primacoustics makes!

I first experienced this phenomenon at Longlac 58 First Nation in the double Gym of the school. A conversation once started could last an amazing 10 seconds after just bouncing back and forth across the room.

Trying to talk even for a second or two became impossible as every word added to the sound bouncing in the room.

Amik Technology was pleased to help these communities transform these facilities into effective and comfortable gathering spaces.

At Amik Technolgy Inc. we work with clients, designing, supplying, and installing technology that responds to your changing needs.

What We Do

Update your Streaming
Become Accessible
Connect your People 

We also do consulting and custom work, so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please contact us to see if there is something we could help you with. 

Live-Streaming and Recording Equipment

Production needs are drastically different depending on the size and style of the presentation. So we have gear from fully integrated studios to small portable streaming carts. All systems are customized to the needs of the location. 

Accessibility Intergration

Your business or service needs to be as accessible as possible. Not only is a certain degree of accessibility the law, but it's also the right thing to do to keep as many doors open to as many people as possible. Not only that, it hurts your goals to be unable to reach a percentage of the population!

Conferencing Equipment

Long-distance meetings are more important than ever for businesses and organizations of all kinds, but huddling in-person staff around a laptop to talk to the remote staff is not reasonable. We install advanced conferencing boardrooms that make everything incredibly easy, and if you need more versatility we have flexible mobile conference units as well.

Audio Installation

Nothing spoils a conversation like bad sound. Get updated sound systems including speakers, soundboards, mixers, and mics. For large buildings or poor acoustics we do panels and dampening to get the best possible sound.

Remote Data and Pivate Online Events

An Amik owned VPN-private internet service- allows for secure streaming. It also allows us to offer private events with individualized digital tickets. 

Technology Infrastructure

Update your building with clean networking infrastructure, retractable hidden projectors, intercom systems, and whatever your infrastructure needs to keep up with the demands of a modern set-up. 

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A Ministry of the  United Church of Canada

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