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Virtual Student and Portable Conference Unit 

Educators don't need one more thing about in the classroom.

The new portable system provides a camera, audio system and monitor, which when placed in a student location at the front of classroom, allows for live teaching to students in the class and the same reference view to the monitor of the virtual student and takes the place of trying to do online learning from a laptop. Content from a laptop can now be shared with the live class and the online student at the same time. The Virtual Student camera tracks with the teacher and follows them during their live class teaching; a significant improvement over Zoom or Microsoft Teams on a laptop only. This removes the need for the teacher to prepare twice for the same demographic group. The student can call into the Zoom or Teams meeting on the virtual student and as an option a wireless monitor will allow the students and the teacher to see the remote students together. To manage this a small touch screen connected to the school network can sit on the main desk and connect through the schools’ existing network to the Virtual Student. A progressive idea a dramatic improvement to online teaching and a relatively inexpensive solution to Hybrid Teaching.

These days a portable conference unit is undeniably an asset in more than just classrooms. If you have an office space that requires virtual meetings, and either have no space for a dedicated conference room, or more meetings than your conference spaces can support, this product would be perfect for your uses. Just store a unit or two, and employees can roll them into their office or meeting room as needed, for a high quality connection to customers or clients. With the rise of virtual appointments, doctors, lawyers, and realtors in particular benefit greatly from the versatility offered by the mobile conference unit. Any industry where the quality of the picture and sound is important to the client-to-employee connection. 

Classrooms aren't all who benefit from this technology

Virtual Student and

Portable Conference Unit

Need a more traditional conference setup?

We are happy to help with that as well! We have outfitted dozens of rooms in offices for lawyers, teachers, businessmen; who doesn't benefit from connectivity in this age? 
We can asses your space and help you get the screens, cameras, and mics that suit your needs and budget.  

Want an even cleaner sound? Bigger rooms can benefit from our soundproofing materials. 

For more information please contact us - or 807-767-7798

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