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Portable Streaming Cart

Built in Streaming Studio

All-in-one Streaming Satellite

Streaming Upgrades and Accessories

Custom built, fully integrated, professional streaming studios. We analyze your location to come up with the perfect system for your productions and space! 

Transform Your Online Presence 

We Go Above and Beyond

Multi- Monitors

Dual-monitors for a standard setup, more for a more complicated build. One monitor with the program timeline lets you keep the workflow manageable, while a dedicated monitor lets always know what the outgoing productions looks like. 

Remote Controlled Cameras

As many cameras as your space needs, all controlled by one central remote. PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) cameras give you excellent creative control and powerful zoom, all with an easy-to-use joystick. Program preset camera placements for quick recall to simplify timing cues. 

Wireless Content 

NDI (Network Device Interface) compatibility means that outside sources can be added to the streaming problem with easily downloadable tools. This allows for another user to separately control a device without interrupting the streaming timeline; like a slideshow, video game, program demonstrations and much more!

Integrated Soundboard 

Sync microphones or sound inputs that you have in your set up so they can be mixed and balanced professionally. Aren't getting the sound inputs you want? We are happy to outfit your space with the stationary or portable mics you need!

Optional Live Conferencing Integration 

A unique feature of our system is multi-system streaming. Small scale conferencing, with 'zoom' or similar, is available in the program of our base system. But what if you could do more? Sync an entire second studio or small-scale studio unit (see Carts or Satellite products) for the best quality collaborative production across any distance! 

Optional Portable Camera

Having cameras that you can Pan, Tilt, and Zoon remotely is perfect for many, if not most, situations but it can never cover all of them. A remote broadcasting camera that syncs with the existing streaming program and equipment unlocks incredible versatility! 

Data connection and Streaming chip

Inside each satellite is a data chip that allows it to connect to the internet without a stable internet connection. Primarily this is used to connect to a steaming studio with conferencing, but a streaming chip can be added for independent productions. 

Projector and Speakers

You don't need anything else to watch and participate in streams, the sound and visuals can come right from the box with built-in speakers and a projector. 

Soundboard and Mics

Your Satellite comes equipped with a some mics and a full sound board to balance your different inputs and outputs. 

Built in PTZ Camera

Just because the Streaming Satellite package is small, doesn't mean you can't have a professional production. A high quality fully controllable camera lets you make the best of a small studio. 

All-in-one Streaming Satellite 

Port to connect to your Network

Have a stable internet connection already? You don't have to use data function by connecting to the easily accessible ethernet port. 

HDMI port

In need of a more hi-def picture? Use the HDMI port to connect to any tv and watch there instead. 

Add existing sound systems or extra mics

There are plenty of ports available for more mics or other sound inputs. It's also easy to feed the sound through an existing sound system to have a fuller sound. 

Collaborative Streaming 

One of the Satellite's best uses is to collaborate with a conferencing-equipped studio. This allows for maximum flexibility, having a full studio for the base of production and a roaming unit to get an outside perspective, a man 'in the field', or unique point of view. 

Satellite as a solo unit
Satellite as a cooperative tool
Why not both? The Streaming Satellite does it all!

Portable Streaming Cart 

Need streaming equipment more portable and versatile than the  studio?
But more powerful and customizable than the streaming satellite?

We have a solution for that

Portable Camera Upgrade

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