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Your selection has been recorded in our website statistics. This is the number one response from the survey. Almost 50% of the respondents selected this category.

You might consider getting some outside opinions on your site. There are several forums that offer free review services. Here are two that you might look into.

Web World Geeks

Web Pro World

Amik's solution typically involves looking at the navigation statistics. Sometimes we have elected to tone down the site rather than making it look more professional.

While trial and error can yield results nothing beats the advice of a qualified marketing specialist. Technology that worked on paper also applies to the web. Look for a really experienced ad designer preferrably someone that specializes in your type of business. If you need some references we can help.

One note of caution, anyone who in thier proposal is not talking about surveying the target audience is guessing.

If you would like to discuss the particulars of you situation please contact me (Ross McCubbin) by phone at the following number.


I would be glad to help!

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