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Benefits of Sound Masking Technology

The VoiceArrestT Sound Masking System is measurably the most effective sound masking system available. Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a result of new advanced technology.

A Reduction in Distractions

Since workers are distracted more than 2 hours every day, distraction, and namely conversational distraction, is a force that must be dealt with. Workers fortunate enough to work in an office with acoustic treatments experienced much lower levels of distraction and stress, made fewer errors, and were more likely to make appropriate ergonomic adjustments.

Through the use of true four-channel speech privacy technology, the VoiceArrestT System simulates the gentle whooshing sound of a high-end HVAC system that covers conversations and other distractions. It's like listening to quadraphonic surround sound - the sound is full, yet you can't pinpoint exactly where it's coming from. It uniformly blends into the office background virtually unnoticed - so natural that you won't even realize it's there.

Speech Privacy

More than just drown out annoying noises, the VoiceArrest System provides speech privacy so that confidentiality can be maintained. Through the use of Direct Field Technology, the VoiceArrest System is perfectly balanced in volume, as well as frequency content. This means that it's uniform and therefore effective, while not annoyingly loud itself.

This technology improves your privacy in two important ways:

  1. 1. Greater levels of privacy per decibel of sound.
  2. 2. This higher level of privacy is consistent at all points within the treated area.
The Quietest, Most Effective Privacy

There's no point in dealing with distraction and confidentiality with an incredibly loud system. The spatial and spectral uniformity delivered by the VoiceArrestT Sound Masking System permits its operation at substantially lower sound levels than competitive systems, while still maintaining masking effectiveness. Basically, the VoiceArrest System provides more privacy per decibel of sound produced.

Case in point: While other masking systems must be operated at 48-51 dB in order to provide acceptable privacy conditions for most occupants, the VoiceArrestT Sound Masking System is normally operated at 45 dB under the same conditions. The increased effectiveness provided by the VoiceArrestT System allows you to have both equivalent privacy and quieter, less intrusive sound, or if your application is unusual and requires greater privacy than most, you can now use the higher settings to meet those needs.
Controlled Placement of Speakers

A major advantage of Direct Field Technology is that the sound masking speakers are placed within the ceiling tiles themselves, versus sharing the open air plenum above open and closed offices. The result is that when the open offices that need the treatment receive it, there is no build-up in closed offices. With the VoiceArrest System, you can pinpoint specific areas to treat without reference to your building's construction by creating separate zones where needed.

Privacy, Paging, & Music

The VoiceArrestT Sound Masking System can also easily upgrade to add paging and/or music to your environment using the same speakers that deploy the sound masking. You will be amazed when you hear our paging system. Due to the quality of our speakers and their placement, we provide the cleanest paging in the market without the usual startle effect. Background music can be added from a wide variety of sources.

Cost Effective Privacy

VoiceArrest Sound Masking SystemThe VoiceArrestT Speech Sound Masking System meets a compelling need by providing state-of-the-art speech privacy at a modest price. Given the technological and performance advantages the VoiceArrestT System offers compared to the old style plenum-based systems, most people expect it to be substantially more expensive. However, typical to true disruptive technologies, these new enhancements are accomplished in a way that allows them to be offered at competitive pricing even when compared to older, less effective products.

The VoiceArrestT White Noise System is even more cost-effective when compared to other methods of increasing privacy, such as upgrading ceiling tiles, adding absorbent wall panels, or raising furniture panel heights.




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