Mobile Friendly Web Design takes a back seat to conversion rates, marketing and content in 2018.

Shown below are the results one client yielded from converting to mobile friendly joomla. Yes it's time to get back to work folks. Business is about successful marketing initiatives,and where does mobile friendly fit in? It depends on your business but I think this shows that search optimized content trumps mobile friendly!

Mobile Website Mania


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But that is not the only reason that I think mobile friendly is loosing ground. Website Hacking as been a major thorn in the side of hosting providers. Any form or entry field is a potential liability for a hosting company it is a opportunity to have the server process data that can open up access to the server.

In fact one hosing company I have accounts with will no longer allow any forms on the websites I host there. They have essentially said NO CMS style sites.

I have to admit to you that you're not alone in this go / no-go quandary. As one who did convert and ended up rolling back, I've gained some distinct insight on this whole mobile friendly scenario. And, in 2018 I am taking a hard nosed approach to marketing my business.


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