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Amik's Website Content Design Strategy!

At Amik Technology website content design services are structured around attracting targeted search traffic to your website. Posting a site is a fairly easy task especially with modern website tools or with a content management system. Attracting traffic and getting that customer from the content you design is a much more difficult task.

Yet your web site success depends on Content design must include optimizing for Google search trafficsearch traffic! At Amik Technology we can help either by designing content for you or through teaching you to design content (web pages) that work.

Amik's Owner, Ross McCubbin works with clients to improve the effectiveness of their websites. "It's a lot like sales force training" claims Ross McCubbin owner of Amik Technology.

Through the use of statistics Amik measures and analyses all aspects of a web sites performance. With spiders and keyword tools we look at the market and your page content optimizing each page so it has the right stuff to draw customers.

This strategy along with the customers product knowledge and industry focused content generates website enquiries. Once you have that customer on the phone we know you can handle the rest.

Improvements come from a continuous improvement strategy; making calculated changes to the content and following the results.


Website Design?

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Earn Money from Affiliate Programs !

Amik Technology and Jentar EBS present successful web site design aspects at the Influential Women Awards

The event at the Fort William Historical Park Visitor Centre in Thunder Bay held May 2005 was a great success.

We had a fantastic time creating a booth on website design that was configured to look like a web site. How unique ah! Further we used design techniques common to Internet advertising and wow do they work in real life!

On the web you have to capture someone's interest in 3 seconds. The amount of time you have at a trade show is huge compared to the Internet.

Photographer Randy Delaney had joined forces with our web team and helped to make the point that a targeted photograph will attract an audience. In the case of this mainly female audience, visitors flocked to the booth to see the cute puppies and agreed that they identified with photos that reflect themselves in desirable experiences!


conversion rateWe use and analytical approach; Information from your web site statistics, from search engine traffic analysis tools, and from keyword analyzer's is used to optimize text, titles, tags and links.

We monitor the results of your web site and analyze viewer behaviour to eliminate barriers to your success.

The effect of this type of a tune-up is obvious in viewer entry path results, keyword results and through sales.



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