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Amik Technology Expands it service offering to include Winnipeg Manitoba










Computer Technology News & Events in Thunder Bay

Epson 450Wi

Signal Group's audio visual installation team approved as a direct sales partner for the EPSON Brightlink 450Wi .

This versatile new ultra short throw projector is taking the market by storm as companies shed the expense of the electronic whiteboard and moving instead to a good quality standard whiteboard

November 2010 - PCI Canada Inc. enters into receivership. Amik acquires Sony and Crestron relations and together with Signal Resources and Avid Enterprises secures some of PCI's distributor function mainly as it relates to room automation and videoconferencing. This move has allowed us to continue and improve support for Northern Ontario businesses including Confederation College, and Lakehead University account holders.

We are asking local customers to think of us when purchasing so we can to hold these relationships and meet sales quotas on Crestron Hardware, Sony Cameras, and Polycom Videoconferencing units along with other vendor product lines.

July 2009 - Amik offering newly released hardware based 256-bit AES Encrypted USB Drives!

Your USB flash drive holds all your most valuable data. Maybe it contains your personal financial records, confidential medical or legal records, customer databases, or other secrets that you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands. By encrypting your data, it will be inaccessible to anyone without your encryption password.

Mar 2009 - Amik picks up dealership for Planon Docupens, the pen sized scanners that can work independantly from your computer and download later via a usb cable. Visit for product info.

June 2007 - Talk of IBM Travelling Hardware Road show (June 7 at Silver City) Flyer available, email me for a copy if you were not on the list.

April 24, 2007 - HP Travelling Road Show is comming to Thunder Bay.

April 12, 2007 - Nota holds successful event on Renting Hosted Software Solutions. Online Tools that you can use without the high cost of ownership and in-house maintenance. View online presentation clips from the event at

November 2006 - Nota elects a new Board and a decision is made to provide the Technology Breakfast Series in partnership with the NOTC. In the current operating model you can volunteer to work on this subcommittee without the need for membership.

June 7, 2006 - NOTA hosted an fantastic breakfast seminar this time it involved presentations from 3 guest speakers who share their Internet success stories. Thanks to Sunset Country, Gear-Up, and Royal Lepage for fantastic talks on this important issue "Being succcessful in the global marketplace presented by the Internet"

May 11-12 From Here to Success... How to create a marketing plan that will accelerate your tourism business. 

May 9 2006 - Anixter Technology Seminar & Trade Show at the Valhalla. Supply chain service, power over ethernet, physical security ip software, evolution of wireless, data centres are being presented.

March 20, 2006 - Microsoft announces moving toward Internet based pay for use software including office. We have seen how msn works and we see the advertising used to pay for the product. Funny see this article that I wrote in Febuary of 2004 on web based curriculum delivery as part of a proposal that was never accepted. There are similarities folks!

February 2006 - Todd Lusier holds informative webinar as part of Tourism Keys initative. This has been a fantastic source of information for Ontario Tourism Organizations and small businesses.

November 2005 - NOTA had a great breakfast seminar November 17th on Trends In Project Management. Guest speaker Chris Vandersluis, President of HMS Software and current president of the Microsoft Project Association in Montreal valuable information for project managers.

May 2005 - NOTA and TBay Telephone hold successful breakfast event as launch of HDSL (5 meg) and 1XRTT wireless services. 132 Pelple join NOTA for a informative breakfast at the Valhalla Inn.

January 2005 - NOTA is back in business and is currently planning an event in partnership with Thunder Bay Telephone for May 10,2005.

May 2004 - Members of NOTA started an informal IT specialists gathering at the Davinci on Wednesdays for lunch. All are welcome! We generally email around to see who can make it so let one of us know and we will add you to the list.

This function stopped but I am interested in restarting it, send me a email if you are interested

March 2004 - Google changes its search engine formulas. Some say it was done to drive businesses to pay per click type advertising, most say it's a pain because businesses have to tighten up their web pages.

Should you follow this trend towards paid advertising? Well ... we are! At least with one of my clients we are finding it a good expensive tool to draw advertising. If you would like to know our findings just call.

January 2004 - Microsoft drops support for Windows 98 as of Jan 16 and for ME as of Dec 31, 2004

What does this really mean if you are running this older OS? eWEEK, in their January Magazine suggested that companies look to removing access for these machines to the Internet.

November 2003 - Virus and Spam Filtering now available through Thunder Bay Telephone

October 17, 2003 was the launch of virus and spam services for Thunder Bay. Buyers should however be aware that this service has some issues. TBay Tel is currently only offering it for mail boxes, if you have your own domain, it is still not available. Also be aware that different companies are offering different packages, from my experience Tbaytel's service is very basic. It lacks a catch basin for filtered mail, it also lacks features for customizing filtering strength on different types of junk mail.

To initiate the $1.95/month service see their website.

May 8-10, 2003 - TechnoDome, Part of the Chamber of Commerce Trade Show at the CLE. NOTA sponsored this technology focused area.

April 14, 2003 - Jason A. Grouette, Volition Network Solutions, 3M Canada Company will be talking on "Fibre to the Zone Network Design". This solution has been submitted to BicSi of approval as a new standard in horizontal cable topology. time-4:00pm, place -the NOTC (Read More about 3M Volition Seminar...)

March 2003 - Lead in PVC Data Cable, Are you aware of the issue (Read about Lead-Free Cable and Indoor Air Quality...)

February 2003 - Emerging Technology Seminar - Feb 25-27, 2003 ( ). This was a good show for people looking form general awareness or for networking. In terms of moving Northern Ontario in a technology direction, I felt it missed the mark (Read More about the show...)

February 17, 2003 - Green Seminar - Stephen Carpenter talks to the Architectural Building Community in Thunder Bay about Sustainable Building Design. ( View flyer )

December 2002 - Thinking about a VPN Solution to connect offices? Had a look at the solutions out there? We had a good look last fall here are our findings. (Read More...)

November 2002 - Contacted Thunder Bay Telephone about getting virus protection on their mail servers. While they are testing some products there is no decision about if they are going to implement anything. Hal Lightwood, project coordinator said that the earliest they might do something like this would be in the spring of 2003

October 2002 - Continued Struggles with getting businesses listed on The City of Thunder Bays tourism website have driven Amik Technology to launch several websites The first already launched is (Read More...). Next you ask? Yes we are launching, more on that in December.


Other Interesting Information Technology News Articles

Received from Experts Exchange news blast 27-Nov-03 - It's interesting but I can't help note that other more advanced messaging platforms such as Lotus Notes had this bundled with their product a lifetime ago.

What is Information Rights Management (IRM)?

By Paul Robichaux

"For example, a user will be able to protect a confidential corporate document so that only a certain set of people can open the document, or flag a sensitive e-mail so that recipients can't forward it." This is new in Office 2003, which includes many security solutions we've been asking for.


Northwestern Ontario Technology Association



NOTA - The Northwestern Ontarion Technology Association

If you are a supporter of Technology, are working towards increased Technology Exports, have inventions you are willing to talk about, have a seminar idea, contact us! Lets see how we can work together to build a better future for the North!

Spring 2005 - NOTA welcomes Angela Desserre, Director of IT at Thunder Bay Telephone and formerly of Municipal at The City of Thuder Bay

December 2004 - NOTA revamps website and the new board gets to work with the priority to host 2 events a year and get a news letter going

November 2004 - NOTA holds it annual elections and elects a whole new Board of directors. Jim Green is the only returning director. Ross McCubbin (Amik Technology) who was part of the founding Board is elected treasurer. New Board memebers include Ken Kokanie, David James, and Elizabeth Patterson. Two positions remain to be filled.

October 2003 - NOTA had a really good start on the year, the question is where we go from here. It should be noted that not all events were a success and most could have been more successful. Tech sector involvelemt is a continuing issue.

In a meeting with Jim Green, Treasurer of NOTA, we identified a few issues that might foster further success.

  1. Hiring of a new coordinator, one that could assume an executive directors role.
  2. Board Members need to be more involved in working on key projects. This is difficult as all have fulltime careers.
  3. Refining the purpose of the organization.
  4. Aligning the organizations efforts with its memberships career goals.

Spring 2003 - NOTA holds several successful events. Two technology talks that were arranged by Amik Technology in conjunction with the design of the new french catholic highschool, and NOTA hosted part of the Chamber Trade show "The Technodome". My thanks to Melody Scott for her efforts to make these events a success.

December 9, 2002 - Ross McCubbin accepts position on NOTA Events Sub Committee. Jim Green (Coordinator) says we are still looking for two additional committee members.

December 2, 2002 - Strategic Planning Session for member and supporters 5-9pm

October 30, 2002 - Gaylen Duncan, President and CEO of the Information Technology Association of Canada speaks on the technology sector. He also meets with members of the IT Task Force, NOTA Board, and Fast Forward to offer advice. (Read More About Gaylen...)

October 23, 2002 - Amik Technology helps design and man a booth at the Chamber of Commerce - After Business at the Valhalla Inn.

October 22, 2002 - NOTA hosts its first annual meeting and elections. Congratulations and best wishes go out to the new Board Members.

August 6, 2002- Ross McCubbin accepts the position of interim Secretary and a position on the Board Of Directors for the Northwestern Ontario Technology Association.

July 2002 - NOTA incorporated

Spring 2002 - Ross McCubbin works with the ad-hoc committee to draft the business plan, incorporate the nonprofit organization, and solicit memberships.


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